Saturday, June 26, 2010

House Cleaning

The sidebar just got a lot shorter with the removal of useless "apps" and the sad trimming of the blog list. There have been a lot of fatalities over the last year. I don't know if Facebook and Twitter are part of that or if the lack of BushCo to kick around or just weariness is responsible. What is left are active and interesting voices - with the single exception of "Jon Swift" which is kept as an exemplar and a memorial.

Posting here has become sporadic at best and along with that a shrinking readership. I'm not sure which came first -chicken/egg thing - but it sure isn't as much of a driver to write for just a few. I keep vaccilating on whether to get motivated and write a lot of content and see what happens or just let go of this thing, indecision isn't a good quality in production. Well, I continue to vaccilate, so we'll see.

The hell of it is that I added some good tools to my blogging arsenal right before I got ... whatever it is that ails this blog...

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