Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gibbs Backs Anonymous WH Staffer Stupidity

I'm not real sure whose head was so firmly planted into their butt in the White House, but once Anymice talk and then the Press Secretary essentially affirms the statement it becomes pretty obvious that stupidity is rampant.

Look here, I'm a Democrat and I've been active in the formal machinery of the Democratic Party and I know that the Democratic Party and Organized Labor are two different things. Maybe some people can't wrap their head around this, but Labor's agenda involves the distribution of wealth versus the plutocratic agenda of keeping it all. That by definition is LEFT.

Whatever Labor's reasons were for supporting a challenge to Sen Lincoln (I happen to agree) the simplest piece of this mess is that the goddam money was Labor's not the Democratic Party's or DSCC or any other arm. I frankly believe that the Democratic Party is best served by having a very good relationship with Labor. That is not served by the WH telling Labor that their agenda is a waste, it could have been served by simply stating that, "it is Labor's monney, not ours." There are times to have no damn opinion.

I'd really like to quit having to worry about being shot in the back by people who are supposed to be my friends.

**I've held fire hoping they'd fix this, they're not.

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