Wednesday, June 17, 2009


If you don't like concentrated ugly and rather pointless fury give this a miss.

(HT Balloon Juice)

It was a stupid and tasteless joke about the postergirl for the failure of abstinence only education paraded by the Governor. Holy S**t Batman, if these people put all that fury energy into constructive action this country would be seriously improved. I'm not sure about the contradiction involved in protesting the joke with statements on film about slut wife and bastard child, maybe someone will explain that to me...

I'm pretty unclear what ranting at people about "socialism is evil" has to do with Letterman or why these particular people ranted at think they are "sooo smaaaart." I could understand a point of view that socialism is a mistake but the evilness of it sort of misses me - I can understand that, say slavery is evil, but what moral standard is so violated by socialism that evil applies?

This is the Republican base (Movement) in operation; policy disagreements aren't wrong-headed or mistaken; they are evil. Torture is evil, calling Iran part of the Axis of Evil is stupid, or wrong-headed. Letting the plutocrats run wild is bad for the economy and particularly bad for the common citizen, it is a serious mistake and if one takes Christ's words seriously as God's, you might make the case that it is evil - I simply call it a mistake since I'm not God. If I don't agree with you about economics I may call you stupid if you ignore facts - more likely I'll call you wrong. If, as a Federal official, you violate the Constitution, the First Law of the nation, I may well consider you a traitor depending on the level of violation; but evil is another thing.

This is the fury that the right stokes and it is senseless fury and senseless to provoke it. There isn't a chance in the world that these folks will vote for a liberal so poking their bee's nest is pointless. The middle voter watching this nonsense will recoil with WTF? Amping up the fury quotient does't reach the majority of voters, it spooks them.

I am sooooo glaaaad I don't have any role in trying to win elections for Republicans...

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Micgar said...

Saw this at CnL! Its hilarious! Put together by John Ziegler, so it figures!