Friday, June 05, 2009


Judge Sonia Sotomayor has lately been accused of a lot of things by the Republicans and other rightish sorts. She's and activist judge, she's a racist, she's mean, she's...well President Obama's choice to replace Justice Bryer (Souter correctly) . That is the real problem with her, she isn't being chose by - oh, say - George W Bush. WTF? No really, other than Rove, the Cheneys, and a couple others everybody else Republican runs away from that guy. Except now it's starting to look like a loser to throw garbage at this lady.

The rudderless Republican Party is now being blown hither and yon at the mercy of various windbags. Our favorite lizard politician Newt started out with accusations of racism and has now walked, maybe run back from those words to a more "seemly" accusation of inappropriate language. Mitch McConnell started out strong and has faded to a point where former Frist aide Miranda accused him of gayness - er limp wristedness, oh - he's now stating the nominee will probably be approved. At least Rush is holding on, the blasts continue only becoming a bit more incomprehensible with time. I don't monitor the winger talkers so I'm not clear who else is standing up yet but the discord is getting a bit intense.

Republicans who are now in elected office, Senators, are getting nervous about attacking a Latino woman without good solid facts on their side but there is that wing who are also scared of the heat Rush and his base can bring. They'll have to put up some sort of defense that doesn't block them from letting the approval happen and garnering public approbation - a narrow line to walk. Republicans who'd like to get elected somewhere other than in the Confederate States of Republicanism are more nervous, their base isn't large enough to do more than make noise and any damage to their appeal to those who don't foam at the mouth will kill their chances completely.

President Obama keeps managing to pull things off while appearing reasonable and intelligent, and worse, likable. Opposing him for the sake of opposing him isn't playing well, There are a lot of things people are worried about but so far most don't include Barack Obama in that milieu. 2010 is the year about 1/3 of the Senate seats are up, along with all the House seats and it is closing fast. (I know the interminable 08 election seems very near) If you're not in office it is time to start raising your profile and associating your (R) brand with the good guys, assuming there are some. If you are in office it is time to be reminding the home folks why you're there - as an (R). This is no time for very public black eyes, unless of course you're a Rush, Hannity, or other unelected (R) gasbag.

I care little if the current crop wants to play at being buttheads and run smack into a wall, they are given to intemperate outbursts and the more ineffectual they are the more intemperate. They have complaints and no ideas, they only manage to hearken back to times that never were, such as their Reagan fetish or the imaginary Leave It To Beaver era when blacks were invisible and everyone had a great job - instead of vanishing jobs and a black president. My god there are black kids on the White House lawn... When your moderate wing is Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) and he's comparing the US to a '70s Banana Republic you deserve an ass kicking.

Seriously Rush, don't let these milquetoasts back down, make them fight and talk plain. No goldarned euphemisms, call that spade a racist activist radical liberal vagina impaired...


opit said...

Republicans 'afraid' to attack ? That's like saying a rabid dog has a sweet disposition.
The best description of 'democratic' politics - the game, not the party - may have come in a book title this week : Dual Party Tyranny.
That's not bad reporting when partisan politics are channelled in patterns of acceptable dialog which run around in circles - accomplishing nothing.
'Left Wing Media Bias' is right of center thought which is then compared to Fascist hatemongering...i.e. Rush et alii. Not bad framing of public sentiment...which is mostly interested in just getting along without hassle.

Chuck Butcher said...

This is why comments are valuable, I've stated my position on "liberal bias" about a lot of times but this little article would explode in size if I tried to cover everything I think about the SCOTUS nomination.

Zak Johnson said...

Souter's leaving, not Bryer, though they are similar.

2nd Amendment issues have been interesting to follow. Tuseday the 7th circuit court, comprised of 3 Republican-appointed judges, came to the identical conclusion that Sotomayor had reacher regarding Heller, i.e. it applies only to federal juridiction, not state. Apparently there is a footnote in Heller to that effect. Several groups are appealing the 7th's decision to SCOTUS, which hopefully will hear it and extend 2nd Amendment protections to citizens against state and other local government. The odd thing is that the 9th circuit, usually the one accused of liberal activism, is the only one to have already ruled that the 2nd applies to states. Weirder and weirderer.

Considering Sotomayor's background as a prosecutor and a business lawyer, not to mention her years on the bench, it's difficult to think of a legitimate case to deny her a seat at this point. The only unfortunate thing is that the emphasis on picking a Latino and a woman detracts from the fact of how truly qualified she is. Pity.