Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Family Values, Eh?

The WaPo has an updated story regarding Sen Ensign (R-NV).
UPDATE, 5:55 p.m.: Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) has acknowledged an extramarital affair with a campaign staffer in a statement released by his office. "I deeply regret and am very sorry for my actions," said Ensign. He is expected to announce the affair at a press conference at 6:30 pm tonight. The affair, which was with a woman who worked for both Ensign's re-election campaign and his Battle Born leadership political action committee, began in December 2007 and ended in August 2008. Ensign's wife, Darlene, said that the couple's "marriage has become stronger" and added: "I love my husband."

So this guy's inability to protect the sanctity of his own marriage really wouldn't be my business, except for his ability to stick his feet into that of everybody else. I don't like his politics and I particularly don't like his desire to enforce his morality on others in this country. This might just point up the danger of letting such people try it. Your mileage may vary...


Micgar said...

This is going to go further-you watch-favors were done for her family members it seems.
when her side comes out-watch out!

Chuck Butcher said...

Sure there is more but it will undoubtably miss the ethical concerns of the wingers like abortion and the gay.