Monday, June 15, 2009

DeMint Bucks The Establishment

Senate Republican Leaders took the measure of Florida Governor Charlie Christ and decided that in Florida he had the best chance of holding the Senate seat. Charlie Christ is an anathema to Conservatives though he is scarcely a liberal, or even liberal Republican. Enter Marco Rubio who claims Conservative credentials as a "longshot" challenger in the Republican Primary. I question the longshot appellation because this is an off-year election - no Presidents.

Sen Jim DeMint (R-SC) finds the lack of a real Conservative in that seat less than appealing and has backed Rubio. DeMint leads the Republican Senate conservative Steering Committee which is also backing Pat Toomey in PA and Tom Coburn in OK, who you might also refer to as wingnuts. Toomey would have trouble beating a cheap drum in a General Election and the chances for Mr Rubio don't seem much better if the Democrats were to run someone alive and sane. Maybe Democrats in PA could manage that as well, someone who isn't named Arlen.

I suppose I should support DeMint for standing up for his principles and from a strategic point of view as a Democrat I am jumping for joy. I'd very much like to see Rubio get crushed in a General Election, but this is politically stupid and the cost to that Party in its policies is great. Despite some pundit's statements on the chances of Rubio to win in the Primary being small, I would expect his percentage to surprise them and even possibly wind up a majority. Given a reason these folks vote and Charlie Christ is plenty of reason particularly if Rush and company can get enough of them stirred up.

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