Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eye Candy

Maybe you wonder why people want to live where unemployment is always higher and wages lower.

This is about 10 miles NE outside Baker City, OR on the state highway to Medical Springs and the background to the east are the Eagle Caps of the Wallowa Mountains which top out just above 10,000 feet. The Elkhorns which are just west of Baker City at 3,500 feet top out just under 10,000 feet. Both ranges are still snow capped.

Here in the picture the ground cover is cheat grass and sage brush, just over the crest ahead of the Harley are a series of valleys with creeks in the bottoms surrounded by fields of grass.


Phil said...

Is that the same highway that goes over to Halfway? Jeez, I lived in Baker City For a year-and-a-half, and never was able to get my bearings. But you're right, it's beautiful country, and I completely understand why you live there.

Chuck Butcher said...

No, this one runs NE and then N.