Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ari, This Week's Biggest Ass

The WaPobrings you Ari Fleisher:

No one yet knew the final outcome, he wrote in an e-mail to our colleague Glenn Kessler, but "one of the reasons there is a substantial reform movement in Iran -- particularly among its young people -- is because of George W. Bush's tough policies." He noted that Bush's policies in Lebanon also helped in the recent elections there.

"A big push for reform is because of the desire of Iranians to get out from sanctions, to put an end to the country's international ostracism," Fleischer wrote and, most interestingly, "because Shiites in particular see Shiites in Iraq having more freedoms than they do. Bush's tough policies have helped give rise to the reformists and I think we're witnessing that today."

This qualifies Ari for the biggest dumbass of the week, certainly not the year but c'mon Ari. Let's see how this works out, Ahmadinejad was elected at least in part in reaction to your previous boss and his overheated rhetoric - Axis of Evil and all that crap like we need to bomb Iran...which then solidified his position. Loons don't take a lot of encouragement and your bunch provided it in spades.

You didn't provide one bit of Western encouragement to reform in Iran, you scared everybody stupid with your Iraq adventure. You bet they wanted what Iraq got, bloodshed and near anarchy coupled with corruption from hell - a Crusade. Speaking of reform, you and your ilk were scoffing at the election a few weeks ago, made no difference who won. Really it didn't make a lot of difference, though some, but you scoffed. Now you want to claim it?

Iranian society has long had western leanings and you did more damage to that credibility than anyone since the Shah. They certainly don't want your Iraq model and the mess you've left this economy in isn't real attractive as one of your selling points either. George W Bush my ass, you are a complete and total tool, Ari.


Micgar said...

Exactly! As I mentioned in an earlier comment about Iran, most Iranians are not thoroughly overjoyed when the US is involved in it's politics because of the past offenses of the coup/Shah.
Ari seems to be trying to salvage whatever Bush legacy there is. It won't work. People aren't that stupid.

Chuck Butcher said...

Oh yes, many people are exactly that stupid. All they want is for somebody to say it so they can parrot it.