Wednesday, June 03, 2009

By Request, Scooter Pics and Travelogue

After you cross the Elkhorn Mountains outside Baker City you come down into the John Day valley, part way down is a scenic overview looking over the valley to the Strawberry Mountains. It is a good place to get a view but our presence there was dictated by the Super Glide having a carb puke. My partner George on this ride was up on a Harley Anniversary Deuce.

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This crack in the Earth is Picture Gorge a part of the John Day Fossil Beds. The John Day River flows through.

Super Glide, Deuce, George, entry to Picture Gorge, and the John Day river. If you don't start to understand why I love living here...there's no hope for you.

You are looking west through the Gorge, a low angle sun or sunset really brings up the colors of the rocks, we're here just past mid-day.

The rocks are chock full of fossils, you don't touch or molest if you don't want real trouble in your life.

This is an Anniversary Deuce, it is slightly longer than norm to allow the seat to be moved down and with a slightly raked fork. George is a pal with a very cool scooter.

The last night I was willing to put up with minor annoyances from the '98 Super Glide, things that are fixable at the cost of time rather than large money. That time cost involves riding time and that is not what I own a scooter for. In the morning George and I are to go to Salem Harley to let him get a dealer T-shirt which he collects and maybe catch up with the owner he knew well.

Well the owner George knew is no longer the owner but he got his T-shirt gratis, a part of my purchase of the Screaming Eagle Springer Soft-tail you see here at the top of the Ochoco Mountains. I really only intended to keep George company at the dealer but the Super Glide coughed all the way there...well I'd seen the Screaming Eagle 2 weeks before and been entranced - while their service was dealing with a Super Glide issue and I kept looking out the dealer window at it getting a bit more peeved every time.

The Super Glide remained at the dealer for the last 2 weeks when I rode the new bike home - a 400 mile road test it passed with high flying colors. This last weekend involved a visit to the new grand-baby and a niece's graduation party in Sandy and so Monday I rode the old one home. It ran pretty well and caused no delays or tool kit nonsense but it did drool oil out the front cylinder rocker box gasket all the way home. It was comparable to jumping out of your Corvette into a VW Bus and driving a road course. I'll get it squared away and sell it, it is still a low mile bike and it is a good bike - it isn't fair to compare it to the Screaming Eagle, but that's what I have now.
***Update 6/4***
The tank with its dent is off the Super Glide and at the S&S Body shop of my pal Tom Beever to be become smooth and black - I'm not willing to pay for multi-color on a bike I'm selling. The oil drooling front rocker box now has new gaskets to match the rear. This leaves sorting out what ails the carb and putting the tank back on. The bike should be ready for sale by early next week. Keep in mind that this scooter only has 19,000 miles on it and will have had all corrective measures taken so it is well worth its $7,000 asking price. An 80 cubic inch (1340cc) motor on a 580 pound bike means this thing has plenty of giddy-up.


asiangrrlMN said... I am stunned. Speechless. Well, ok, not really speechless. The scenery pics are outstanding. And the bikes? Oh, baby. That's some righteous Harley porn right there. Thanks, Chuck! Now, hopefully, I will have happy dreams as I sleep.

Chuck Butcher said...

Glad to help my grrrl. The travelogue was promised when it happened 2 weeks ago but your request jogged it loose.

Carla said...

Home sweet home...

There are some amazing petroglyphs on the rock formations at the east end of Picture Gorge. You have to climb down and around to see them, but they're very cool.

Brings on road trip pangs, Chuck.

Jeff Goob said...

Basically one of my favorite places on earth: Strawberry mountains and John Day country.
In fact, I'll be road tripping through there next week myself.
Years ago stopped to look at the petroglyphs with my then wife and kids. I loped down ahead to make sure we were at the right place. Spotted the glyphs and ran back up to report and they were all back in the car with the doors shut and the windows rolled up. I hadn't heard the rattlesnake but they had.