Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Is This So Difficult?

Somebody go ahead and reasonably explain to me why this is so damn difficult in this country. Why is it unremarkable in Iceland to have the first openly gay Prime Minister in the world, Johanna Sigurðardottir, and in this country it is astonishing? She's spent 40 years working her way from nobody to the person Icelanders trust to lead them out of a horrid mess and somehow we'll be astonished.

I just shake my head, what the hell.


Debra Rexroat said...

Agreed! We seem elated at just the mere thought of getting a few more rights here in the US . . . how very absurd.

She got my attention because she bears a strong resemblance to the person I see in the mirror everyday! I clicked on the story only knowing what a mess they are dealing with and was caught off guard by her striking (just like mine) white hair and her glasses.

Chuck Butcher said...

Thanks for stopping by Debra.

I have no idea how it is that simple humanity misses so many people if sex and/or religion enters into the picture. I have no real understanding of a homosexual orientation, but I do understand love and comittment and most people do - seems that ought to be enough...