Wednesday, January 28, 2009

House Republicans Do It

No votes for the stimulus bill. They've made their bet, Obama fails. Or maybe they've bet that no one will remember who voted against this in the next election if it succeeds. One needs to remember who they represent, this is largely the Confederate Party of Republicanism, if is the House. These people survived 2008 in the face of the debacle that was 2008 and they don't want challenges from the right which is a serious danger to them.

It is now time to strip the nonsense tax cuts out of the bill, it won't happen because the Senate will see to it that it doesn't, but - you know, hope...

This thing is about sure to go to conference after the Senate tinkers and the question is what kind of mess they'll make of it. With the Senate rule regarding 60 votes to end debate at least a couple Republicans have to come over even if Reid holds his Caucus together - and that's not guaranteed. There will be incredible pressure brought by House Republicans for cover from the Senate Republicans. Here's the rub for them, Senators run statewide not districts so gerrymandering and safe districts are a much lesser influence and the deep red hue is considerably lightened. McConnell, who actually got a scare last time out, has to try to hold this Caucus to the House bullshit points and if the media honestly reports the stories that might be difficult.

Do I sound dubious? Well, hell, I am. The Republicans are still quoting a non-existent CBO report when the actual one is up and the media sits silently as they do so. These idiots dredge up ACORN and the media allows it with no comment or question, as though this were still the no-bid contract for pals BushCo. They have made up multiplier numbers out of whole cloth with the analysis in open record and not a squeak from media. It is true that there are a lot of opinions but facts have a nasty habit of standing alone. It seems that objective reporting now means swallowing absolute lies from one side so as to have "two sides." crap

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