Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lying Liars And Republicans

Every once in a while you'd hope the media would check facts, particularly when something as large and important as the Stimulus Bill is involved. Apparently not, 81 times they cited the bogus Congressional Budget Office report that Boner (I know) is so proud of:
But investing a trillion dollars in government spending isn't going to get our economy back on track. In fact, a recent analysis by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) casts doubt on whether the congressional Democrats' spending plan will actually have an immediate impact, which is the true test of any economic recovery proposal. Just seven percent of the proposed infrastructure spending -- $26 billion out of $274 billion – would be funneled into our economy by the end of this year budget year in September. Worse, just one in seven dollars of a massive $18.5 billion expenditure on "energy efficiency" and "renewable energy programs: would be spent within the next 18 months. And plans to bring broadband Internet service to rural and underserved areas will take years to implement.

The problem with this? How about this report never existed?
As the Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim and the American Prospect’s Tim Fernholz reported last Friday, the CBO report being touted by conservatives and the media isn’t an actual report. “We did not issue any report, any analysis or any study,” a CBO aide told the Huffington Post.

The CBO has issued a report on the bill, now and my reading of it shows a large majority of the spending done within the first two years, 70% or so with a total cost by 2019 of about $819B.

It has become clear that on any political issue involving Democrats the AP requires serious fact checking and given Boehner's propensity for saying things at variance with the truth that he should never be a primary source.

I don't care that Republicans have philosophical differences with the idea, that's a given and considering their track record pretty dismissible as serious ideas but this crap of making things up in order to defeat something aimed at the good of the public is a bit of something else. The temptation to slap their lying lips off their faces is pretty strong. Consider that the quote was pulled from Boner's site at 2:00 AM 1/27 well after this thing was busted. One may also have noted that the media who uncritically repeated this horseshit have been pretty quiet about being "duped." Never forget that these are the same horse's asses who parroted all the BushCo crap for five years, well in Faux News' case still do.

You have the links, read them and see who is being honest.

There are aspects of this bill that I think are crap and I addressed one of them in an earlier post, I'm not sacrificing honesty to partisanship. I won't do that, I have no infallible heroes in the political arena.


The Intellectual Redneck said...

You can dig all you want, but there is no pony hiding under the Democrat's stimulus manure pile. There is no pony hiding in the stimulus "pile of manure"

Chuck Butcher said...

Given the title, why repeat the same lies? Your crap has been debunked repeatedly. The ACORN thing is one of the more egregious Republican scare BS buzzword junk pieces. ACORN could bid for it, they'd also have to win the bid. This ain't BushCo no bid, your guy isn't there anymore.