Sunday, January 11, 2009

How Come No Posts?

I have to admit to you that I've kind of dropped the ball on posting. It is a matter of attitude, I suppose. Either I've had no particular interest in the news stories or I do and have nothing particularly illuminating to say.

I'll give a couple examples.

Israel and Gaza are a big story, well here's the deal - I don't have a dog in that fight, I think both sides are assholes who couldn't have done a better job of ensuring conflict if they'd set out to do that. I do not mean over the past few months, for many decades. You can stick fault in your ear, it doesn't matter, fixing what's wrong matters. I've watched folks run all over hell's half acre with their hair on fire fixing blame and they are exactly why this won't get fixed. Yes, I include our government in that equation.

Sarah Palin? I don't do humor well enough to mock her sufficiently and any other reaction is just silly.

Bush and Cheney revisionism? Well, cripes, if you're reading this site you're an obvious political junkie and have some idea what's going on and been going on. So I can refrain from calling them lying sacks.

Obama seems to be making pretty smart choices for his administration and since they haven't done a damn thing yet to praise or damn... I suppose I could scoff at right wing blogs, but I'd have to read the damn things and besides, is it something new that the Republican Party is spiraling into weirdness?

Well, I'll see if I can come up with something...or if the world will.

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Kevin said...

I can certainly relate to what you're saying about the Gaza conflict. But, personally, I can't not write about it.

I write about what I feel passionately about and I feel more passionately about this than just about anything else. The same was true during the 2006 War on Lebanon, except that then I divided my venting between two different blogs and now it's just on one blog.

I do however try to break it up with other content.

That said... It seems to me that we all have at least one dog in the Gaza fight, even if it's just to criticize the fact that our tax dollars are funding one side and our national political leaders are (largely) uncritically endorsing one side.