Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baker County Inauguration "Ball"

Baker County Democrats and Andrew Bryant's Mad Matilda Restaurant put together an Inauguration Ball (minus the fancy dress, dancing, and bands) Tuesday. A large screen TV played and the lunch menu and beer, wine, and beverages were available. Since I'm rotten at estimating crowds accept this 50 person estimate for what it is, probably. My familiarity with the political scene allows me to state that while the majority were Democrats there was a significant presence of non-affiliated and Republicans.

The building is approximately 1880s construction and retains much of its character while being comfortable and conducive to sociability.

The purpose of the party wasn't to make partisan gains or make presentations, the idea was to celebrate the peaceful electoral change of government. It certainly also was to celebrate Barack Obama the President, both as a new government and as a man.

Mad Matilda's is a good friend to Baker County Democrats and we are proud to help support a local business by holding events in their venues. We have used a couple businesses for our events rather than utilize public builidings or spaces and the reasoning behind this is that these businesses are a part of Baker's economic engine. Most of BCD's membership is either employed by or owners of small businesses - and I mean small business in the classical sense, not the Republican model. We understand that doing business is a large piece of what makes for social and economic success.

If there is a political end in our use of private businesses it is that it certainly is not harmful to our reputation with the Chamber of Commerce as a demonstration of our good will. We hope to be able to make more and larger concrete demonstrations of that as time goes along.

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Mad Matilda said...

Thanks Chuck, a good time was had by all, especially our Obam-icans in the "house" - After 3 general elections, 4 debates, it was great to host an Inaugural Ball (of sorts)!

Mad Matilda