Thursday, January 08, 2009

Country First - Redux

The slogan is back, the jingoistic best left alone name of a failed bank "Country First." The losing party's campaign crap is dredged up into new life as a PAC for John McCain to run for his Senate seat again and to, honestly, fix the Republican Party.

If I can't work up to supporting John McCain and the Confederate Party of Republicanism I don't put Country First and am obviously one of those anti-Americans. I was under the impression that his base put God first, but illiteracy may be an outcome of that outlook. It wasn't a good one to begin with, it is unfortunate to have Chuck Keating and failed S&Ls in your background and failing investment banks in your present and remind people of banks with your slogan. (I'm willing to help, though.) If I were in the least undecided; I think that thing in its naked hypocritical glory would back me off. To be sure, I've never lived in AZ, never visited AZ, and don't plan to do either and I'm not the least undecided - but somebody could be...

Now I don't know how it is that John plans to try to fix the Confederate Party of Old White Men and I don't really care much, but I've noticed the right side of that Party wants to give him to us. I can't think why they'd think we'd want him, but they insist he's a Democrat with an illegitimate (R). Democrats are insulted. There's a danger in playing at McMavericism, its essential fraudulent nature pushed away most every Democrat who had ever even smiled at Johnny and the Republiwings bought the act and hated him for it. (there is always the issue that saying Democrat without an insult attached is traitorism) Maybe part of this country first would include reproaching his Confederate brethren for shilling for foreign automakers, but probably not. (funny thing, my leftwing Democratic self owns 6 Chevrolets all built in the US by UAW members)

Now to be real blunt about the prospects of the Republican Party of the Confederacy taking John's advice it might pay to stop and think that it would include taking advice from a rich old white guy with a blond Barbie who managed to lose to a Presidential race to a black socialist Muslim terrorist from Mars. Oh c'mon, they're heads would explode. That'll happen the Day Boehner reaches across the aisle and lets you have your fingers back. He plans to take Country First to the bunch who gleefully participated in the rape and pillage of the nation....


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Tom Carter said...

Chuck, I have to agree with you, in spirit if not in degree. The Republican Party has a whole lot of maintenance and tuning-up to do, and I'm not sure a failed presidential candidate is the one to do it. Typically, a new leader arises to do that sort of thing. I wonder who it will be? Sarah Palin? (Don't throw snowballs at me!)

As for Arizona, I've never lived there, but I've spent quite a bit of time there on trips and visits. It's beautiful, in an austere, high-desert kind of way. The kind of country you either really like or really hate. I liked it.