Friday, December 28, 2007

A Hercullean Task

Jon Swift asked the bloggers on his blogroll to send him their best post of the year, to understand just what a piece of work he let himself in for you'd have to appreciate the extent of his blogroll. Awhile back he and Skippy the Bush Kangaroo decided the biggies of the blogosphere ( [c] Skippy) were over linked and self reinforcing and offered a link in return for a link to the "B" and down list. That's more than a few. I ego-manically demanded he pick from two, appalled at trying to pick one from 450. The extent of my hubris is his review of over 150 posts.

I encourage my readers to bookmark his post and peruse the articles. This is an opportunity to access the under appreciated "B" list of bloggers and find new 'Favorites.' This blog has benefited from Jon's interest over the past couple years and I'd like to pass that favor on. Most of us are discovered by accident, probably a Google search followed by a look at the article lists. Google hits make up nearly 1/2 of my readership and only a few link on in to the site proper. What is telling is that those who do link in tend to keep coming around, obviously I encourage this, here and on other's sites.

So, I'm asking you to temporarily expand your blog reading to Jon's list and maybe find some gems. I'm about to get started on the list and I'll reward you with what I find most striking, it's going to take awhile. Meanwhile take a look.

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