Monday, December 03, 2007

Muhammad Is A Teddybear

That's right, said such a thing right there in a headline, he's also an Arab boy - it is only the most common male name in the area, and shoot, he's a black American prize fighter. Now oddly enough, the word or name Prophet doesn't appear in those appellations, so it's a name, a rather common name. My dog, all 145# of drooling shedding Pyrenees, is named Gus - anybody out there named Gus who is offended? Anyhow, that's not the issue; there is something else at play here.

Now I don't pretend to understand the loon fringes of religions, I only just understand religion as it is. The idea that a rape victim is due 60 lashes for getting a car with someone not a family member seems outrageous, adding insult to injury with 200 lashes for shooting her mouth off about it and disbarring her lawyer reaches ludicrous. Certainly is.

But then I have to turn around and look at some of the other loons, like maybe the Irish blowing each up for years, lots of innocents gone. Maybe the KKK with it's race/religion agenda and burned houses and murdered Americans. There certainly are Aryan churches extending that violence onto gays as well as the KKK's agenda . How about bombing abortion clinics and murdering practitioners? There was plenty of violent rhetoric on display outside Terry Schiavo's hospital, speaking of governments taking a religious stand on civil matters there was the Republican Congress and George II rushing back from vacation to sign an un-Constitutional bill - you remember, the guy who couldn't be bothered with Katrina. Congress spent time on a Constitutional Amendment to bar gay marriage, that's exactly right, to be enshrined right up there with freedom of speech and religion and press and association.

It sure is tempting to call 'those people' lunatics for marching to get some teacher for naming a teddy bear after some folks made real sure to shove it in their faces, but then one remembers a jar of pee with a cross in it. Once that one was jammed in some folks' faces all hell broke lose. As for the Saudi's ridiculous behavior, it seems to that I remember some States taking cases to the Supreme Court so they could execute the retarded and minors. Oh but there's a difference in crime - yep - tad bit of difference in punishment, too.

So what am I getting at here? Pretty simply, the outrages of cruelty and stupidity aren't the sole property of 'those other people,' the outrages are all too common in all too many nations and cultures. Reducing them is a good idea for all of us.


t.a. said...

while i agree with most of what you're saying, i will say this as well: if a Muslim woman from Saudi Arabia was teaching in the U.S. and her kids named a teddy bear "Jesus" the level of pissed-offed-ness would be sky-high. and perhaps rightfully so. talk about stupid & insensitive. yes, tons of boys from Hispanic backgrounds are named Jesus. not the same thing. nor was her bear. why not Ahmed? Akbar? Matussem (I got that from Diana Abu-Jaber's excellent "Arabian Jazz")? i mean, she should get a night in jail just because that dumb can't go unpunished. next she can come to the US and have kids play with a bin-Laden doll. sheesh.

Chuck Butcher said...

Her student named Mohammad suggested the name, my guess would be he was Muslim. Me, they are theocratic plutarchs, I stay away, clear away. I also don't go to Mexico for a vacation. There are a lot of places I won't go outside the US. At least not unless armed to the teeth and a very pressing reason.

This place has gotten iffy enough, but here chances are I can make a fight of it.

If you named a Teddy 'Haysoos', I'm sure somebody would object. I don't like the name enough to give it to my dog or teddy, if I did, well then F-O. Gus is short for Suffle-uffle-gus, long story, big dog, snores, snuffs, drools, well you get the idea.

nah, TA, somebody stirred the loons up for their reasons, not some god thing.

Steve Culley said...

Islam seems to have its share of loons. Some say it is a small minority and that may be the case. Question is where is that huge majority of Muslims who are just peace loving people? I think it's time we sent them them a message, that if they don't start getting their loons under control the only contact we need with them is when we buy their oil. After we discover new ways to get energy they can be free to blow each other up.

Steve Culley said...

I was going to add that maybe it's time Islam had a Martin Luther then something in your post made me think that this woman went public with what she did, on purpose. Maybe she is a Luther. Don't suppose she was trying to call out the nut cases, be a real martyr? I'm waiting for some Muslims to challenge the leadership. Is this woman doing that?

Anonymous said...

In a message dated 12/08/2007 11:17:04 AM Pacific Standard Time, Dat5 Racer writes:

Yes, many young people do download all manner of things from the Internet, but for law enforcement to get involved, common sense suggests a criterion of how likely the bearer is to use the downloaded material in a way that constitutes a danger to public safety. Jihadist manuals, coupled with the content of her poetry, obviously raise a few red flags (and the age of 23 is getting a bit old to be playing the "youth" card). An excerpt from the New York Sun:

"It's not as messy or as hard as some may think," she wrote in her poem "How to Behead." "It's all about the flow of the wrist. Sharpen the knife to its maximum. And before you begin to cut the flesh, tilt the fool's head to its left. Saw the knife back and forth. No doubt that the punk will twitch and scream. But ignore the donkey's ass. And continue to slice back and forth. You'll feel the knife hit the wind and food pipe. But Don't Stop. Continue with all your might."

Emily Dickinson, she ain't.

Just one "loon" of 10 percent of 1 BILLION guys need a lesson in math that can kill you.

Anonymous said...

if a Muslim woman from Saudi Arabia was teaching in the U.S. and her kids named a teddy bear "Jesus" the level of pissed-offed-ness would be sky-high. you see us rioting, blowing up people and tall buildings in NYC,or cutting people's head off? don't!!!

These people have no cause to be offended....we sure do!



Anonymous said...

Just you wait, this will be coming to Baker City soon:

Submitted by admin on Fri, 2007-12-07 17:46. World News

7 December 2007: In the event you missed the news from the UK this week: Overworked nurses have been ordered to stop all medical work five times every day to move Muslim patients’ beds so they face towards Mecca.

"Some people might think it is not that big a deal, but we have a huge Muslim population in Dewsbury and if we are having to turn dozens of beds to face Mecca five times a day, plus provide running water for them to wash before and after prayers, it is bound to impact on the essential medical service we are supposed to be providing." Complete article.

Anonymous said...

This place has gotten iffy enough, but here chances are I can make a fight of it.

Chuck: So your saying, you'd rather fight here then there?

Sure you did!!!

Chuck Butcher said...

don't be stupid, I said I stay away from theocracies and holes like Mexico because I can at least make a fight of it here. In those corrupt rotten places you'll just disappear, unless you can afford to buy your way out. GWB has made this place real iffy as far as getting your due in court.