Thursday, January 03, 2008

Chuck for... Year Review, 2007 In Pictures

December in Baker City, snow and Pyrennes Gus (the one kid left at home)

Rudy in December, hmmm

My friend Cyrenna Boston running for OR HD45

Craig Watson's Nova, more than politics here...

Near Pine Creek Resevoir just west of Baker City

***John Collins for Baker City Herald***
Out my back door in October, literally, 150 feet.

Framed this, roofed it, sided it, then discovered that I'm a painter - imagine my surprise

" To me, with that star as the elephant's eye, the odd posture, and the stripes, nay, tire marks across its back, it looks like the GOP got run over by a truck and killed." - Wheels - Blue Oregon

Cowboy Action Shooting in September at Powder River Sportsman Club, Baker City, OR

Baker Valley, Baker City at the right next to the mountains in the valley, the Elkhorn Mts

My 1950 Chevy COE 13.5 cubic yard dump truck

Cowboy Action Shooting gear

Motel del Rogue DPO quarterly in July at Grants Pass

NYT spoof, in house joke that's out, in June

Pvt 1st Class Nicholas A Butcher 5/4/07
Fort Benning, Georgia
Marksman Medal ( -1 Expert ) M16
Expert Medal Grenade
Yes, Scottie and I are proud of him. May

Ruger No.1 in 45-70 Govt., biggest post by hits, since posting 10-15 hits daily

Colt Commander Light Weight in .45 ACP third most popular post 5-7 daily since Feb posting

Ruger Bisley Vaquero in .45 Colt, the second most popular since posting in Feb with about 10 hits daily

Remington side by side 12ga hammered shotgun, tied for third, posted in Jan

So that's the "Chuck for..." year in photos, hope you enjoyed the rerun of pics.

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