Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How Do You Like Your Government, Now ?

There are always political differences within this country, it is to be expected and even encouraged. Then there are the things that aren't political as such, they are a matter of ethics or even law. This isn't about politics.

We have a government that actively lies to its citizens, not puts the best face on information, lies. We have a government that tortures people, not enhanced interrogation, torture. Torture that our opponents in warfare have been prosecuted for by our government. Understand that piece, we have prosecuted people for doing waterboarding to our people. It is against the law, DOJ opinions are not required. We have a government that disappears our citizens, the individual was just recently tried and convicted - after being disappeared. We have a government that actively participates in and encourages war profiteering and corruption. We finance and support the 3rd most corrupt government in the world in Iraq. Our government is complicit in the murder of Iraqis and rape by contractors, immunizing their actions. Murder and rape are committed in our name.

It is unnecessary to list the insults to the Constitution proposed and indulged in by this government. The First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments, and the ancient right of Habeas Corpus have been assaulted. A sitting President has written over seven hundred times that he need not obey the law of the land, that he is exempt within the same framework as any third rate dictator. A Congress exists that believes it is powerless in the face of an enhanced executive branch and narrow partisan interests. Sufficiently powerless to allow free passes to the executive on clearly dangerous issues.

America has a few options, ballots somewhat in the future, the streets, and finally rebellion. Ballots and contacting representatives to push them into action are preferable, if your representative is too weak, then there are primaries.


KISS said...

And I ask what powers will a dimmo president give up? And what rights will be restored by a dimmo president?
My feelings are None of the Above.
Again Billy-Bub started this mess and Bush has finessed it.

Chuck Butcher said...

Judging from what the Rs other than Paul have said, they will expand on it.