Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nobody Tells Poor George Anything

George II found out the CIA destroyed videotapes of torture last Thursday, apparently he must have had somebody read a newspaper to him. Not that something that happened in 2005 might take awhile to filter up to the CiC, but really? That sounds a bit like an NIE that nobody bothered to tell him about, you know, like it really didn't make squat difference that Iran had suspended their weapons program. But we should have been prepared for such disconnect, there was that little matter of yellow cake uranium and aluminum tubes. You'd probably be less than surprised that nobody thought it was important that he know something like "Bin Laden Determined to Strike US."

Then again, one might start to wonder if even a bunch as incompetent as BushCo could manage to be that uninformed and lackadaisical. You might be forgiven if you were to start thinking in terms of over used excuses. Slipping down that slope could put you into the realm of outright lies - something that has been mentioned in relation to this bunch.

Here's the problem if you're getting all overwrought with the importance of this issue, it really doesn't mean anything. For it to have any particular meaning there would be consequences attached to such a discovery. By now, George II has discovered that his minions need only say "Executive Privilege" or "On-going Investigation" and all the good little serfs will make mouth noises and scatter some ink around and it will just go away. There will be a great deal of scurrying around in hearing rooms and immense amounts of right wing stupidity published on the intertubes and that will be about it.

Now if you did some math along with some reading you'd come up with 2007-1776=231 years ago there'd have been a hanging, probably following a little ride on a fence bar involving some tar and feathers. Since we're a bit more civilized now, maybe an orange jumpsuit, manacles, and a guy in a black robe should precede. OK, fat chance. Sit down and shut up my little friends, because you won't do anything whatever about it.

Oh no, did I hurt your little Congressional feelings, well so what? Exactly how many chances have you had? Habeas Corpus? Military Detentions? Illegal Search and Seizure? Torture? Waging War Under False Flag? Hatch Act? Corruption? War Profiteering? I'm supposed to believe that the buck stops with Destruction of Evidence? Oh sure. You are exactly described by the words "Pathetically Ineffectual." The real question isn't what did George II know and when, it's why bother to tell you people anything?

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