Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What Did You Want To Be In Kindergarten?

Honestly I don't remember, it probably had to do with cowboys or something. I do know that in third grade I got thick glasses hung on my face and my heart was broken because I wanted to be a fighter pilot. That and glasses don't go together.

I guess I should have wanted to be President, glasses aren't required. Though apparently according to Hillary wanting to be is a disqualification. Pot meet kettle?

Oddly enough I distinctly heard the lady criticize running for President, I thought that was part of getting elected... It seems she's accusing Obama of running since he's been a Senator - what was that huge Senatorial war chest you built, Hillary? You certainly haven't spent the time since your election dissuading the people who said you were running.

Hillary you don't wear desperation well...


Jeff Alworth said...

In kindergarten, no question: I wanted to be Franco Harris. In that childlike way, I wasn't quite clear on the concept that you had to grow up to be yourself.

Obama should be credited with an early grasp on reality.

nolocontendere said...

Paleontologist. It was that dinosaur thing.

Nick Istre said...

Heh. I wanted to be a fighter pilot too. The needing glasses thing killed that dream too (Yay for 600/20 vision!).

Then again, if I was a bit younger, I might have actually gone into the Air Force if I had known about this policy.

Chuck Butcher said...

I know that stuff is supposed to be safe, and all - welllllll, nope, nobody is messin' with the peepers.