Saturday, December 08, 2007

War Funds, Why Bother

George II's response to the House refusal to pass Iraq war funds without strings was predictable, to anyone bothering to pay any attention at all. He would dig his heels in, call it refusal to support the troops, and make somebody or more accurately, everyone else pay. So bases would close, civilian contractors would be laid off, and nothing would pass his desk without a veto. BushCo had no intention of doing anything other than what they wanted to do, and a willingness to hurt whomever was available. Not one bit of that should be a surprise.

The question then becomes, why would the Democrats bother to stamp their feet and talk about no free passes? If you know a temper tantrum is coming you need to decide how to deal with it before you take any action - or even talk publicly about it. Evidently nobody bothered to mention that or if they did they were ignored. How ignored?

The House is working on a deal to pass a massive spending bill that gives BushCo its war funds with no strings but adds $11 Billion additional domestic spending. That sure seems to have a lot of effect on the war in Iraq. That will certainly instigate progress from the Iraqi government.

I guess disappointment is over-rated as an emotion in politics, not improving with practice.

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