Wednesday, November 21, 2007

When You Do A Toss-off Post -" What Happened" Happened

I don't ordinarily do this sort of thing, just on occasion I find something that is pretty darn interesting but doesn't have enough recent content to drive a lot of words, or sometimes I'm just too confounded angry to go any farther. So early in the day I found Scott McClelland's book release announcement and a blurb I thought was interesting. There just wasn't very much there other than an opportunity to re-hash stuff that'd been hashed half to death and couldn't possibly be of much interest to my readers, so I block quoted his excerpt and had a short comment about it and let it go...

Some accident of wording put me at the head of Google's search for Scott McClelland and all kinds of combinations of him and his book title and then coincidentally TV news jumped all over the story. End result was a lot of hits coming in off Google, enough that within the next hour or so this site will have double its previous daily high traffic. Exactly correct, long meaningful posts with links in off big blogs have driven previous highs, along with some Google hits but even being published on major news outlets couldn't compete with a couple big blogs liking something and now...

A toss-off post. An accidental find because I have an eye and about 10 minutes of ... toss off, and this site's biggest day ever, by a factor of 100%. All I can do is shake my head.


Since this is going into its second day and will probably surpass yesterday, I'd like to make something clear - that Scott wrote the excerpt at all is what is news. What is explosive in saying that I was the White House Press Secretary and I said what my bosses wanted said? The people he worked for are the people he names, as telling him what to say - we all knew that didn't we? Did somebody think he went out on a limb and just said this stuff? I didn't see much there at the time I wrote it, and I still don't - and sure GWB & CO Inc aren't far up my hero list.


There's a saving grace in my embarrassment, some folks moved off the single page and looked around so maybe they'll come back. Boy is this stupid, darn it, I have done some good work that took some real time and thought...

I guess if you're reading this you got here deliberately so I don't mind sharing my embarrassment with you.

As a real side note, nothing ever posted on this site compares with the gun posts for total numbers over time, 45-70 Govt Ruger No 1 is king, followed by Remington 12 Ga Side by Side Coach Gun, and Ruger Bisley Vaquero in 45 Colt, heck of a thing on a lefty blog, eh?

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