Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day

Today we honor the vets, we call it Veteran's Day, that is what we do. Some among us have done our bidding, they have risked all to do so, and we give them a Day. Some of us see it as more than a three day weekend, some of us get teary eyed. That is something perhaps, maybe even a parade.

Maybe we could do a little more, maybe we could see to it that 25% of the homeless are not our veterans. Maybe we could see to it that PTSD was an assumed disorder rather than dragged out fight. Maybe we could see to it that Veteran's Hospitals and where the veterans are have something in common. Maybe we could honor our promises to the vets. And maybe we could make and keep a few more in recognition of their singular sacrifices. Maybe a damn day pales in comparison to some concrete actions on our part. Don't tell me the name of your Party, I don't care, they are OUR veterans.

Maybe we could do a bit more to avoid making veterans, maybe that is the most fitting monument to them. Maybe since none of us have adequate words to thank them with, that would do best. I'm real sorry I only have this, I wish it were more.


Steve Culley said...

There were about 30 to 40 people at the court house lawn ceremony, mostly veterans on Sunday. Maybe someday we will get 1 percent of the population to turn out.
Good post Chuck. We are making progress, at least returning veterans are now told about post traumatic stress disorder instead of turning them lose to find out about it many years later. Still having homeless veterans, dealing with their demons alone is a national out rage.

Keeneye said...

Thank you for writing this.