Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kevin Mannix Is Worth A Lot Of Bucks To...

Freedom Works. Hart Williams has done some astonishingly good work researching and reporting on conservative and libertarian causes, and most amusingly freaked out Sean Hannity. Now he's got Kevin Mannix in his sights and if you have anything shaky going on that's not a good thing. The 2006 tax return shows $268,650 for “Legal services” paid to Kevin Mannix by Freedom Works Foundation, it is interesting that in 2005 he was worth $200,089 as a political consultant. Nearly a half million dollars in two years? Freedom Works ( Inc and Foundation) are essentially petition mills and advertising shills.

Since I actually labor for money I find it just a little offensive that running conservative petitions and advertising hit pieces is such a lucrative business that "contractors" like Mannix are worth that kind of money. I encourage you to spend some time on Hart's piece, there is a lot more there that it would be pointless to cut and paste into an article when Hart has done the work. Because Freedom Works (all of it) is a national organization there are circles within circles, something Hart is great at analyzing.

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