Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Even More Blackwater?

If you thought shooting up a traffic circle and killing an Iraqi official's staff member would cost Blackwater much of anything you probably forgot to factor in BushCo cronyism and theocratic favoritism. Maybe a company that engages in murder and other corruptions ought to be barred from the federal bid process, or maybe the federal bid process ought not include items of a military action nature and national security actions, but under BushCo that is the case.

Blackwater (WSJ) is in the running for a federal contract to provide anti-drug training for the Defense Department. "Companies competing for the work might be called on to develop detection or surveillance technology; train U.S. and foreign forces; or provide logistics, communications and information-technology systems, among other areas." I'm astonished that it seems even remotely possible that Blackwater would get such a job. Well, truthfully, I can't see why the federal government would outsource such a mission to private contractors, there are all sorts of legal issues involved in such activities...oh, I forgot, private companies are more likely than the feds to respect law and order.

At what point does the contempt of BushCo for the division of government and business end? What levels of corruption and mismanagement will it take to drive home the message that there are things the government ought to actually run? One of the brags the Mussolini Fascistic blending of government and business could make was "that at least the trains run on time." In this version the only train running on time is the one carrying bags of taxpayer's money out of town. BushCo and the neocons call it the privatization of government, it is no such thing, if it were private in any sense of the word it would be competing in the open market to deliver services to the public, it is not. Does anybody buy the idea that Blackwater is not a wholly owned subsidiary of BushCo? If this were not so, then Blackwater could exist without the taxpayer largess heaped upon it. I will stop short of using the Nazi fascist model, the Fuhrer cult of personality is missing beyond the deadend 28%, but it is a perverted sort of Italian Fasciti operation.

Take a look at the prime contractors for the Fed and their political entanglements and influence, and see which would survive without Federal tax dollars and which are so intimate with the Feds that they are insulated from the consequences of their incompetence and corruption. The results of Dick Cheney's administration of Halliburton was to leave the company on the verge of bankruptcy - hardly so today - despite cheating on no-bid contracts serving US combat troops. Mercenary Blackwater thrives, contributes redistributed tax dollars right back into BushCo, while it murders and steals. GE thrives on government military contracts and runs mass media. I could go on and on, but why? Congress will do nothing and George II has another year and couple months to continue to rape the Treasury for his favorites and from the looks of it enough people seem to think Hillary is different. ahahahahah


Christian Stalberg said...

To learn more about Blackwater visit Blackwater Watch

Thom said...

Reading this post, i thought of the recent article: State Dept. seeks $1.5B for Iraq

How can it be fiscally responsible to hire mercenaries instead of Marines? I have read that even our GENERALS are protected by private security.

In the story above, Blackwater is one of three private firms to share in $500 million. So i guess if they get kicked out of Iraq, they'll just have to move ops elsewhere, and as always, on our dime.