Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Chuck for," Publishing, Technorati,Rankings, and Advertising

I put up a post awhile back about being published over the last 6 months and I've commented elsewhere about my rankings - not much - and I've just sort of cruised along. In Oregon Blognet News I pop in and out of the top twenty most influential, most of its residents stay pretty regularly. Over the past year Techorati has had me at an "Authority Ranking" of 24 and "Favorite It" of 341,00something - for comparison "Middle Earth Journal" has an "Authority" of 220, well, I've moved this last week an AR of 29 and Favorite of 283,266. Six months ago I wasn't on BNN's radar at all other than listed and had never been published. What this comes down to is some modicum of success at being noticed, and maybe being paid attention to.

I told my wife this and her reaction was, "Does it pay money?" No. Not without advertising it doesn't, or a publishing contract which I don't foresee. I can place advertising on the site and I can put a donations box on as well; I don't think I will. Economically speaking, my readership is too small to amount to much if any income and then there is the issue of why I do this. I do this because I'd like you to think about things and react. I make you this gift of my thinking and time because it is important to think about things, if you disagree with me on a topic you've had to think about it to get there and if you agree you've still had to follow my reasoning and that's still thinking. This is why I don't do the blurb thing much - "this is cool - link" and the reason is that I've thought about it and while I'd like you to go see the original; I'm telling you my analysis of it. That's not a two sentence deal.

Yes, please go see the originals - follow my links - somebody did work and has a job and I've piggybacked off that. Newspapers need circulation to support reporters and journalists and some bloggers need rankings and advertisement clicks. I don't do this for a living, it's an avocation and I don't want to clutter up the site with ads or appeals for bucks, you pay no more than the effort to click in and read - well, and think. But please do think about it, read what is there not what you feel is and then do something with it. Contribute to campaigns, write letters to editors and politicians, tell your friends what you're thinking, maybe get involved in a political party. Most of what ails this country is disconnect.

We don't talk about, write about, or get involved in issues, most of us are busy just trying to get by. Jobs, house, family, and just things in general get in the way. Or, like this week for me, a killer cold laid me out. I'm not well, but I can think coherently today. So, this site will stay free, I won't have to worry about what I write impacting on my income, it doesn't go down from none. And by the way, thanks for coming around.

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