Wednesday, January 02, 2013

112th Congress Is Now History

So now the 112th Congress passes into history and memory.  While that is a blessed event what now becomes a reality is the 113th which may very well remind us that 13 is supposed to be an unlucky number.  The 112th is a real standout in a couple respects easily summarized in the term "stupidity."  Americans had nearly two years to notice what happens when they vote like they did in 2010, their reaction is pretty interesting - 113 looks a lot like 112, enough to toss the same monkey wrenches into the works.

One could bring up things like gerrymandering... which in this case means distributing enough stupidity to keep the stupid coming.  But that gerrymandering idea ignores the essential that enough stupidity exist in order for it to work and this wasn't a low turnout mid-term election.

If you're one of those who has celebrated the '12 election of Obama as the death knell of GOPerism loon-acy; maybe you should take another look.  The 113th is the reality of the next two years, that is just how that is.  I'm not seer enough to be comfortable making predictions of the specific sort, but I will tell you that plutocrat enabling at the cost to the rest will continue.

Let me give you something to regard 113 with - debt ceiling, sequestration, budget resolution.  Do you suppose you can excuse my skepticism?

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