Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Since This Jerk Is My Governor... Michigan's Anyhow

Thanks to some mis-firing brain cells and a certain actually good reason I moved to Michigan, Rick Snyder's Michigan.  It seems that there is some buyers' remorse setting in.  Gov Rick is polling underwater at 56% sucks to 37% approve.  I guess I have a couple thoughts... and they're not exactly complimentary to my "fellow" Michiganders.

Which one of you assholes who is sorry now failed to notice the goddam (R) after his name?

Which one of you sorry idjits couldn't be bothered to notice that the (R) designation means "hate unions" among hate other things?

Is it any consolation for you sorry bastards that a whole bunch of those who share your "sucks" sentiment didn't vote for him and get to live with the stupidity of your vote?

Hey, union brothers and sisters who voted for this guy... you really suck bad and I hope you're really, really satisfied with yourselves.  Tell that butthead next to you just how pleased you are he isn't paying dues along side you.  Yeah buddy, that'll teach them Unions to be nice to gays and browns.

There are enough assholes anywhere without you adding to the quota of stupid ones.

You don't like that kind of talk?  Kiss My Ass, I was smart enough to live in Oregon when you elected this twit and his fellow traveler twits.  Yeah, they've tried this crap there... nope.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck, Phoenix Woman here from Table Talk (remember that?). I agree totally. I don't necessarily blame the average folks -- too many of them are too exhausted and beaten down by working two jobs or looking for work to have the time or energy to think, or believe that it doesn't matter what they do. It's the ones who think that third parties can be anything but spoilers, or who actively encourage people to drop out of politics altogether, that frost me. They might as well just ask the Kochs for their checks now, because they're certainly working for the Kochs.