Saturday, January 05, 2013

Giving A Damn

A blog friend,Crow's Eye, is having a tough time. The site has a restricted comments policy so about the only way I can suggest showing we, as a community, give a damn when one of our talented and generous members has real life difficulties is to just click through this link. I don't know that Jack Crow keeps track of his hits, but as little as it is, it is still something. And, yeah, I have good reason to know that it can help.


Duckwax said...

I'm Scott, From Crescent City, Ca. in USA. Tried MANY times to shout out to Crow! SO GLAD I found this link. MAN,I wish I had a Bitching Friend like you!

HANG IN THERE JACK there's still life out here.

Chuck Butcher said...

thanks for stopping by. Folks from Crow's Eye stop in here and Jack and I have been linked for years so it was only right.

I have reason, to know it can make a difference.