Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Fashionable New Year Predictions

Predictions... ahahaha ... that's a laugh.  Really this is more like "I Ask Questions."

In a little while the President will be Inaugurated again thanks to minority and youth votes (and yes, women) right onto the 113th Congress (that looks enough like 112 to be a meaningless distinction) so the question is whether after this year those folks will turn out in the next mid-terms after that exposure.  How do you think their enthusiasm will fare in the face of... I don't have a polite expression... that this Congress gets up to.

The economy is supposed to be poised to take off.  In the first place poised seems to be able to last for quite awhile and secondly - take off for whom?  If it takes off anymore for the very rich there won't be a damned thing left for anybody else and for people who actually work I'd bet what will take off is more work for less.  But hold the phone, I've already said I'm asking not predicting.  Well, talking about the rich screwing everybody else isn't predicting anything.

Speaking of the economy, can Congress 113 manage to tank it?

Maybe the most important and new theme of the last year was kicked off by OWS, want to bet it'll be business as usual?  IOW OWS was almost a bump in the road... $400K is middle class now.  BTW, $43K is median wage so $250K was middle? (media = half above/half below)

I'm real sure nobody is stupid enough to want Boehner's job other than Boehner.  I suppose that says something.

Chuck will remain single and maybe somebody will want to pay him to do something, maybe. This blog may well stumble along which depends on whether I continue to care more than anybody else that it does.

I might update this if something else occurs to me or somebody brings it to my attention (which would mean commenting.  Happy New Year anyhow...


Anonymous said...

Relax old man!I read your rants now & then!There are things that are older than you-- like that green 50 chev you had to leave behind. I'd comment more often but its really hard to see this far left from the right side of life. ;>)

Chuck Butcher said...

Heh, while I miss that old beast - I miss my pals a lot more