Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Oh So Very Cool Gov Christie

I don't suppose many people have missed Gov Christie's comments regarding the House non-vote regarding Sandy relief.  Now maybe those folks who are finding him laudable have forgotten some of this dick's associates, people he enthusiastically helped.  Maybe he can't remember or chooses to forget that the Mitt he so loved had some things to say about disaster aid that sounds like the House loons who crapped on his head.  This  would be the guy who gave a keynote speech at the GOP Convention where they drafted their Platform of excrescence.  He is a GOPer and he'd like folks to forget that.

Short of developing Mittnesia like that other GOPer blue state governor, there is no way Christie will win GOP Primaries against anyone more formidable than Michele Bachmann (and that could be iffy).  There are certain fundamentals in GOP Primaries that you don't violate and Christie has done that.  (and I don't just mean hugging that black guy in the WHITE House)

The guy has been pretty competent at managing a disaster and made nice with somebody he needed badly to stay competent.  He has pretty much followed the standard GOPer playbook as Gov right up to when his friends kicked him (and the people who vote for him) right smack in the teeth and he yelled at them.  Since pneumonia is more popular than the House he was safe there. 

Look here, being basically competent at disaster and not being completely batshit crazy might make him a GOP standout to most people but that is not much of bar to jump.

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