Friday, January 04, 2013

The GOP And Their VAWA Suicide Pact

If you've looked around your Party and noticed that certain blocks of the citizenry are voting for the other side you might want to do something like...
Well, tell women that certain women need to just put up with being beaten.  Those women in particular would be Native American and immigrant (of the illegal variety).  The Violence Against Women Act added in some provisions to cover areas where real problems were showing their ugly faces and the GOP House's response was, "Take that, bitch."

I just don't know what it says about this country that we've managed to make these people important.  It is easy enough to talk about gerrymandering and tribalism in regard to voting, but goddamit this kind of thing ought to cause some real revulsion even in the face of those issues.  If you're a woman or a man who cares at all about women...

Oh fer cryin' out loud, WHAT?

What in the hell does it take?

So, when you tell me you vote Republican do you really want the first question to cross my mind to be, "So just how often do you smack the old lady around?"  

Ummm, so do you do it daily or just once in awhile?


Mammy said...

Where is their humanity? Hearks back to total control of ancient Roman Pater Familias. Control of life or death, slavery, survival of any infant in house hold was the option of the Father. Not much progress in some Republican circles!

Chuck Butcher said...

Where is their what? You didn't use that word anywhere near GOP did you?