Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fiction Reprise

A couple people emailed me awhile back that they were interested in this pit (bit, I meant BIT) of fiction I was working on after I first posted it. I left "Fawn" alone and put a couple other studies together. A bit of "Fawn" to save you time if you just don't care:
Fawn David made a deal with the devil or perhaps not that but a twisted fallen angel. There is no simple way to make the acquaintance of such a being, the route to an encounter with such an entity by needs be complex and unlikely – it might even involve a cardboard refrigerator box moving of its own accord and a heart too soft for its own sake. The box was twitching and rustling as Fawn rounded the corner into the alley that held the door to the staircase leading to the upper story of the unsuccessful appliance store housing her mean apartment. She had a gait that was not quite a waddle, a heavy set woman of a light chocolate color remarkable only for a smile that expressed sweetness to any on whom it was bestowed and soft eyes that could deny no injured creature they held in their gaze.

This will take you to the jump where "Fauwn" first appeared.
It will require some jumping back and forth but here's somebody you aren't supposed to like:
Character Study – Billy Williamson
Billy Williamson was a bad man, that is to say a very not nice man. His entire life was an exercise in being very not nice, bad. By the age of six he was torturing small animals, people we wont to blame his poor confused parents, but really no one had an idea why as he progressed in age and nastiness. Billy was not particularly large or strong and he certainly was not attractive. Billy Williamson was mediocre in all respects but one – meanness. If he managed a bit of charm it had only one end and that was an unkindness, and worse – it needed have no point, no rationale beyond that it brought someone or something pain. It is sometimes said of a person that they are a waste of skin or a misuse of oxygen – in a rational universe Billy Williamson would have had neither, unfortunately the universe does not enforce rationality.

Billy Williamson after jump

If you're still playing along you can go to Jamie

If you're this far you have patience for a longer bit, Duane Jacobs.

I'm interested in your comments if you spent the time to read this stuff. Rest assured, these people all have things to do and they are all connected. I have thoughts about how I'll pull this all together that aren't quite traditional in format but this is a work in progress. Please use this post to comment.


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