Sunday, June 12, 2011

Economy Not A Zero Sum Game

The GOPers and other psuedo-libertarians and real libertarians are real fond of pointing this out. As far as I can tell, they're right about that. Well, right and FOS at the same time.

The problem is that if the top takes enough out all by themselves some are going to find themselves at zero or even negative. If you were to bother to look at how the top is doing right now in this generally acknowledged crapped out economy you'd not find any losing going on. Your job may be gone, your home gone, your health care access gone - they're making a lot of money, doing better in fact.

So, be happy that this isn't a zero sum economy.

You wouldn't want your betters to suffer, too - would you?

I really think legislation is a better way than pitchforks and torches (or bullets, bombs, and various more nasty things) but I'm not sure I'm all that adverse given the state of lawmaking and lawmakers today...

Would it really be more unpatiotic and treasonous to put a pitchfork into some of these cretins than for them to KILL GRANDMA? I didn't ask about legality since it certainly would be legal for them to do in Grandma. Just ask 'em. Oh, you don't have to - they held a vote.

*It is necessary to quibble quite a lot to talk about doing to them what they are trying to do to you and yours and not get your ass arrested. Really, it is - just ask 'em. Patriot SomethingOrTheOtherACT.

No kidding, they've been telling you for decades how they'd do things and you just thought they were talking.


MichaelRyerson said...

off topic, you're on fire lately. nice. thanks.

Matthew and Emily Clark said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!