Sunday, June 12, 2011

Breaking News = Weiner Has Innocent Conversation

Damn I'm so sick of Rep Weiner sucking the air out of poliitcs that I'd like to see him resign for no other reason than that. But then. there is the aspect of his staying and keeping the panty-sniffers in an uproar that appeals to me.

The only thing about the whole mess I give an actual damn about is getting back to talking about things that actually matter ...

Oh darn, I have to admit I talked about Newt now don't I...?

Let's move onto something really important ... the last stupid thing Sarah said.

Was there something about killing Medicare, is unemployment (reported not actual) at over 9%, are the rich making money hand over fist while the rest of us get a knife in the back, does anybody in this forsaken place give a rat's ass that as a society we're sinking into a hateful greed obsessed morass?

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