Friday, June 10, 2011

Being Mean To The Newt?

The last couple posts might seem like I'm not only piling onto Newt but also gloating about his ... difficulties. I'm pretty sure there is an element of that. Look, I loath that guy as one of the worst examples of a politician. He is an intellectual light weight with delusions of grandeur, he is about as fake an example of Family Values horse-pucky possible, and his political ethics flat out suck eggs - bad enough that he resigned the House thanks to his ethics (non-sex related, too). I don't think there is a modern pol I have a lower opinion of - and I have a damned low opinion of quite a few.

Whatever any of the rest of GOPer Primariers are, in these catagories they're pikers. The longer this piece of work is around the more disgusting politics gets. I sincerely hope this not only is the end of Newt in national politics but also the end of Newt Is Important Inc.

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