Friday, June 10, 2011

Idea Guy Newt Hits The Wall

The Newt, our favorite lizard, has hit a pretty serious wall with his top aides and managers quitting today - en mass. The money has been run through and the GOP isn't on his side (whatever that is lately). Newt is really impressed with his intellect and the GOP has fed this delusion for years and years. He's been extolled as their Idea Guy for a long time.

It doesn't matter that his Ideas on policy have been damn near universally stupid and even un-Constitutional. What The Newt did for the GOP that they liked was raise money and put together The Contract On America (cheap shot, I know). That amounts to ethically challenged methods of getting cash and propaganda. It isn't as though the GOPers are adverse to propaganda - hell the Ryan Plan is just that, it isn't serious policy.

What happened is that The Newt continued to believe his press releases and thought he could say something negative about the Ryan Plan. He forgot about the propaganda part of his resume and got paid for it. The Contract wasn't taken seriously by the GOP as any more than propaganda any more than the Ryan Plan is, but in order for such propaganda to work it must be seen as taken seriously by concerted whole-hearted support. Newt missed that boat with his comments on Ryan's Plan.

Ooops, there went Newt taking himself seriously. Not to be done in the GOP.

The only way this is really a disaster for Newt is if it interferes with his ability to grift money out of politics.

It might...


T.A. Barnhart said...

hey Chuck, how you been?

i think the difference between the Contract & RyanCare is that the TPers are far more devout believers than Newt's toadies were. plus their enemy in the White House was a white man, and that gave them less reason (and power) to hate.

glad that Newt's in the process of disappearing. that would be his best idea ever.

Chuck Butcher said...

Real good to see my buddy TA. Been having some fun, but then I'm also in construction...