Wednesday, June 08, 2011

In A Distracted Land

In this country it is worth a couple weeks of news coverage to parse a Congressional sexting. This same country regularly elects and re-elects politicians who directly vote against the economic interests of their constituents in order to pursue some "Values" agenda, and in fact will re-elect ones who directly violate that "Values" agenda just because they continue to spout that nonsense. A Palin or Bachman can say things that would never pass muster if uttered by some horse-faced pudgy woman. I could go on and on about things that would best be described as voyeurism.

I have no idea of how to address this crap other than to point and laugh. The national car was driven off the road and smashed into a ditch at the edge of the cliff it rolled over to and now as it teeters on that crumbling edge filled with us as passengers ... we spend time on whose underpants and what text messages...

The clown show that is the GOP House and GOP "Greatest Hits Primary" is busy rocking the wrecked economic vehicle as if to see how big a smash it can make after the fun of watching it fall and every body's eyes are focused on some other shiny object. The nation may deserve what is happening to it, but there are a hell of a lot of people here that don't.

Despite what the children running this country think, it is not a crash car that you snap back together after exploding it on a wall. It has taken at least three decades of the St Ronnie theme to put us here and a couple terms of the hapless fidgeting of the Obama sort are not going to do spit to turn things around or even stop the crashing. President Obama may be the best we could elect now and may be doing the best anyone could right now but that doesn't mean laying down and taking it is the least bit sensible. While it would be stupid to try to replace or harm the current President it is not time to just hand out a free pass to any of our politicians on the basis of "not as bad as". In a nation this easily distracted keeping a push going on where the dialogue is at count heavily if doing better in the future is going to happen.

Or we can just watch the thing drop and smash and giggle.

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