Friday, June 10, 2011

You Can Only Fake Running For So Long

A point was made by Rachael Maddow about The Newt and a Presidential run being a matter of only being able to pretend or threaten to run for just so long before Newt Inc quit making money. He was, she asserted, either going to run or be outed as a fake. When he finally got the ball rolling, I had the same thought, that it was simply a "Hey, I'm relevant" sort of thing. His problem now is that he may have killed off Newt Inc with his performance.

Now if one takes this analysis to be pretty accurate, you're going to have to look over at Sarah. She has her own version of Newt Inc - call it Sarah Grifting Inc - to look after. She's parlayed her VP performance into a modest fortune and a dedicated fan-club. This thing works as long as she holds some appearance of relevance to her followers and that means looking like she's viable and willing as a candidate.

I'm pretty sure that goofy bus vacation thing was all about getting media attention to keep the rubes happy and hopeful. I'm also real sure that she'll continue to thrash around in this Primary mess until the point where she'd actually have to run. Then it will be a matter of some sort of conspiracy of Lame-street Media and Sell-out Old Boy Network that kept her out. Given the nature of her fan-club she can probably get away with the ground covered by The Newt's previous non-candidacies this time around. That will give her another four years to plow the grifting ground and reaping the money sown by her believers. But four years will not be real kind to her looks and put her in the same position as The Newt this time around. She cannot go eight years on her looks and by 2016 if she doesn't go for it her people will begin to cease to believe and there goes the Bucks. The problem with running in '16 is that it would put her under the FEC rules and they're not easy to putz around with, so the move then may be to fake it as long as possible once again and let it go at that as far as the money machine goes. With good planning winding it up just before the '16 drop dead date should leave her financially .... wonderful.

So if you're really tired of hearing about Sarah now, there is hope - sometime in 2016 she'll be pretty much done...

One can hope...


joycemocha said...

I think it's a mistake to underestimate Palin. Looking at the video clip that Andrew Sullivan ran in the Dish yesterday, that looks like a well-crafted puff piece setting her up for a candidacy.

Or at least some sort of media consultancy position. She's angling for more than fundraising, and I find it chilling who she's aiming her marketing at--mature women.

Then again, siccing H. Clinton on Palin would pretty much put paid to Palin. She'd trash just about any of those right wing women one-handed, easily. For that matter, I'd probably be able to take Palin down--what's needed is a thoughtful, articulate, mature, lefty progressive rural-identified woman who plays with guns for real to make Palin look like a schmuck. Needs to be a woman, needs to be rural, needs to be progressive. A good lefty rancher woman would do the job as well.

(Could be entertaining if said woman challenged Palin to ride reiners or cutters. I'm betting she couldn't even stick a Western Pleasure horse)

Chuck Butcher said...

Feel free to send me a post doing just that. Palin is making money hand over fist with this game and getting into an actual race would blow that up. Do you really think this woman would trade big bucks and fawning adulation for the real work and scrutiny of a campaign. (I use scrutiny loosely)