Friday, May 27, 2011

Palin's Media Gift To Grift

Ordinarily any politician with Sarah's record and negative polling numbers would be a joke to the media in regards to a Presidential run. If you've watched or read news over the last two days you'll note that isn't exactly the case for most. I understand that they're salivating at the prospect of Sarah-speak and looneys crowding up, but news is supposed to be, well, just that. It just isn't news that Sarah is a media ... hound. (I had another word in mind, but sexism and all that)

Let's get one thing straight, Sarah cannot afford to double cross Roger Ailes and FauxNews by running after he canned Santorum and Gingrich. She's just enough vindictive to know what FauxNews would do to her for such a move.

Sarah is not going to run and the media is doing no more than enriching a grifter by pretending that she will. I'm pretty tired of the media acting stupidly, but that's also old news.

Given the complicity of the media is it any wonder this nation is descending into a state of idiocy?

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