Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Newt No Longer The GOP Idea Guy?

I'll be go-to-hell if I ever understood the theme about Newt that he was Idea Guy. Now not that he's short of Ideas, it is just that I don't know of any that held any water other than as buzz words. The (something) media went right along with this theme of Idea Guy. It seems that Newt went onto Meet the Press and didn't understand that answering questions on TV (despite multiple appearances on said show) means that your answers exist on tape and somebody might notice that you did such a thing.

Newt has had lots of Ideas about how to be nasty and insulting, but now he gets to find out how his Party will use that on him. This ought to be the end of Newt in this GOP Primary, and it really is a shame because he always provides such fodder for people like me.

Really, I'll miss a guy like this.

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joycemocha said...

I think Newt got the buzz about being the Idea Guy when he was "writing" SF.

Of course, his big "book" also crashed and burned, too.