Thursday, May 26, 2011

GOP Suicide Pact

Over past decades the GOP has put forward or passed legislation that is directly counter to the interests of a giant majority of the citizenry. The GOP has used language that is offensive to not only the targets but to ordinary citizens. The GOP has gotten away with this for literally decades and decades - somehow.

Now, after running against health care reform and Democratic "killing Medicare" they are busily doubling down on the Ryan Plan to kill Medicare and give the wealthy huge tax cuts - along with other stupidities. Both the House and Senate GOP virtually unanimously voted for that plan and one GOPer got to vote for it twice, Sen Dean Heller (NV-R).

If your analysis of the 2010 mid-term was that the Democratic debacle was primarily about the economy and possibly secondarily about health care reform you have to wonder if the GOP could have found a higher cliff to leap off. One quarter of the way through the House term they've only just now put out a 'jobs plan' on the back of - yes - the Ryan Plan and multiple abortion ... stuff ... and killing Medicare. GOP Presidential hopefuls are, with some dancing, lining up with the GOP ... uh, theme.

The sad part of such stupidity on the part of the GOP is that there will be a good sized number of Democratic candidates that really ought to be GOPers. I will lay you odds that we're going to go right on back down the road of any (D) ... essentially, "We're not as bad as those guys," all over again. I suppose it makes me a bad Democrat to say, "No, not the ditch, not the shoulder, let's get on the freeway."

If you're busy celebrating Hochul in NY26 you might stop and think about her dogged insistence the she is "an independent Democrat." which in politi-speak means. "I'm not really a Democrat - in case you're worried." Yaaaaahoooo...

Good god, Dick Cheney "I worship the ground Paul Ryan walks on..."


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