Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The E Class Mercedes Benz

I just watched an ad for this car, people were really happy that their car was a better driver than they were. Um, the car for people who shouldn't be on the road - period.


How about a car that recognizes motorcycles as vehicles that shouldn't be smashed? Maybe they could sell a bunch in Florida where about two people per day tried to kill me.


Suzan said...

Ya gotta pay extra for that, you know.

Nice commentary.

I hardly knew what to say when I saw they had a car smarter than most of the people in the South.

Love ya!


Chuck Butcher said...

One would hope drivers were smarter than their car. Hope anyhow. There's nothing like riding a motorcycle to make it real clear that there are penty of boxes of rocks smarter than drivers.

nicolas said...

I love your blog, but you have to be smarter, and not drive a moto in florida!

By the way, my mom is also the only one commenting on my blog ...