Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back Again?

Every now and again somebody stops by here for something other than "Archives" so I've put up something just for them.

All one or two of you.

Chicken or Egg - nobody around due to lack of posts or lack of posts because nobody around. Maybe I'll play at this again, for awhile. Maybe somebody other than a nut will "Comment".

Maybe not...


Anonymous said...

What is SO nutty about saying that our wars in, at least, four Muslim countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Yemen) cannot but prove bin Laden's alleged justifications for the 9-11 attack, that is, retaliation for US interference in Muslim affairs..

(Note, also, the constant war-drumming against Iran.)

John Puma

Bpaul said...

I hesitate to say anything at all, if you are wanting to avoid nutball comments. I mean, what can you learn from a Green party die hard who is also an avid hunter?


Chuck Butcher said...

Bpaul, lots. I was sorry when you closed up shop.

Chuck Butcher said...

As I noted, if you can't sort Afghanistan originally from Iraq you've got a dislocation that I can't address.

If you think I believe our previous policies in the Middle East had anything to do with anything other than greed for oil and knee-jerk anti-Holocaust policies you've never read this place.

Chuck Butcher said...

The Iranian government is home grown stupidity that gets great milage from poking at the US. Some US home grown assholes get great milage from poking back. I have no respect for either camp. I have not the least use for theocracies no matter whose or what theo-ism is on display.

I firmly believe that warfare is a last refuge for failure and the first refuge for idiots. I am damned unimpressed by theological basis for anything beyond personal morality.

Everything in the world is not equivilent just because it happens in proximity. Afghanistan did not equal Iraq and anybody making that case has an agenda that has nothing to do with events and there isn't spit to be said to them that means anything and their opinion is immaterial.

It sure the hell is going to take real changes and real time to repair damage done to nations that is real without conflating things.

Chuck Butcher said...

You asserted OBL was obsolete following 9/11. The dead in nations other than the US and their loved ones would dispute that. He needed capturing or killing and GWB screwed that up and screwed the nation of Afghanistan by playing cowboy in Iraq. Amorphous anger doesn't get nearly as much traction as anger with figurehead/operative.

You act as though Arabs screwing over Arabs is something new and different or that the Persians having grand designs is new. That doesn't mean a thing in regards to the cleanliness of US hands in the region. You try to confine a vast swath of history into a narrow narrative of US mis-behvavior.

I may have a pretty good idea of what should have been done in Afghanistan from the outset, but given what was actually done I'm pretty unsure what would help that nation most now or even address our security. Maybe you'd like to be Obama trying to sort this out?

I try to look at things as though the outcomes matter to more than a narrow slice of whatever is at issue.