Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bachman/Plalin Overdrive 2012 *

*stolen from somebody, frequently seen at Balloon Juice comments.

You have to stop and think about the fact that this concept isn't complete fictional satire as a title. As Pres/VP it is satire and, really, silly satire but as nominees it isn't quite as silly a statement. What this says about the state of the nation is one thing, what it says about the GOP and the field is another. I'll be damned if I'll do the sociology of 'WTF?' I will talk a bit about the GOP and why this kind of thing is happening.

This young black President beat an old white POW Senator (did I mention POW?) and the previous President still polls as to blame for the economy. Coupled with the advantages of incumbency this makes President Obama a rather daunting challenge. You can talk all day to me about the supposed sanity of Mittens or Pawlenty and all you'll get is raised eyebrows. Mittens is a Mormon empty suit with no discernible policy continuity (flipper-flopper?) and Pawlenty is both about as exciting as oatmeal and has a record (bridge?). Pawlenty is not going to be able to sell the "really pissed off white guy" theme that will work with the nation's reliable 27%ers who make up the GOP base. Mittens can read and do some math, at some point religion and former stances will result in polls that dissuade him unless ego wins. Pawlenty may not be bright enough to see what a buzz saw he's walked into, but real money will (outside Koch). Don't take this to mean that real wealth and plutocratic power will be enamored of BPO, they aren't their kind. No, I don't really expect BPO to be the nominees, but the lack of sacrificial lambs is interesting. Barring catastrophe President Obama has little to worry about in the General Election.

The GOP has to look toward 2016 and not having 2012 make them look like, well, what they are. Remember that what the GOP is, is exactly what PBO looks like and that will scare the ever loving hell out of 'independents.' WI, OH, FL, & etc are what the GOP is, along with Paul Ryan, and the GOP is finding out that having the public see that isn't good for polling. Newt seemed to forget what polls in GOP circles and so he's a dead issue, you just cannot say individual mandates and right wing social engineering anywhere, ever. So one nut-job imploded. That doesn't begin to address what Bachman would get up to with the public forum provided by a Primary run. If the GOP field winds up trying to please the circle that finds/found Gingrich, Bachman, and Palin attractive the public is going to see it and find it a clown car.

The GOP is a clown car, their problem is to not abjectly look like it. Heh.


I just heard Lawrence O'Donnell state that 'thinking Republicans are now surrounding Pawlenty.' The first problem with that is the connection of the words "thinking" and "Republicans" after that you run into whether money thinks he can do spit without making the 27%ers happy - electoral suicide.

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