Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fire In The Belly Sarah

I have bad news for the progressives and Teabaggers who are champing at the bit for Sarah to run, she won't. I know what kind of fodder she offers to Democrats and I understand the childishness of Teabaggers but sadly for all - Sarah is looking for publicity and money, grift.

Sarah still works for FauxNews, even lame people like Santorum lost that. Think for a moment, Santorum. Sarah has managed to make herself pretty rich on the back of politics for the stupid and that does not include actually doing something like run for President - except as catering to their wishful thinking. Those wishes generate money and Sarah likes nice things - lots of them a lot.

This woman's unfavorable ratings in polls. thanks to stupidity and incompetence, rival those reserved for folks like Mafioso. That is political poison for those with real actual money and electoral skill. I suppose a real question would be how long after she doesn't run can she keep the money tree watered?

Too bad, all that mockery joy available with a run...

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