Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Seriously, Oregon Is Better Than This

I post BlogNetNews Oregon Influence rankings on the sideboard of this blog. I have no quarrel with their ranking system or their service. This week, this no-account barely read blog gets itself an eleven. You have got to be kidding me, eleventh? If you take a look at some of the high finishers you'll understand why this POS is even ranked.

This guy is number four:

Utter stupidity like this will rank you #2.
If they can’t keep the uninvited out of state dinners, they probably aren’t serious about keeping terrorists from entering Detroit!

Actual lying will get you into the #1 slot.
Then, of course, we had the Christmas crotch-bomber, who rudely disrupted the GA's sunny vacation. As he was vacationing, Janet Napalitono went live with the reassurance that "the system worked", though she quickly backpedalled after that was hooted down; her subsequent claim was that the remark had been "taken out of context".

There's some pretty good stuff above and below "Chuck for ..." and I suppose some slack should be cut the GOPers considering what they've got to work with but holy shit... For cry-yie-outloud, if you can think, write a bit, and have some time; start a blog because Oregon sure deserves better than this in a Most Influential Blogs Ratings.

(parenthetically, heh, I suppose these half wits will be unhappy and can probably manage to snag a couple words out of a sentence to make me look stupid -as is their wont)

((note that I did no such thing - teh stupid is all theirs))

***comments on this post ought to be chock full of win***


Svensker said...

Even OREGON is filled with rw nut jobs? Is nothing sacred anymore?

Chuck Butcher said...

The funny thing about this is that the hard core wingers are primarily in the very blue areas. Red ole CD2 is pretty quiet.