Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Game Change Assholery

Media Matters details how the authors of Game Change went about their "research" with their contacts. Maybe you can find a way this doesn't look odd.

While I understand the need for people who are whistle blowing misbehavior in government or business to keep their identities covered, I am generally not a fan of anonymous sources. Frankly I don't care if the person suffering is Harry Reid or Sarah Palin or...particularly when what is brought forward is little more than gossip or immaterial awkwardness. Some things matter and some are just not relevant.

What Harry Reid said is not material and the McCain campaign's difficulties prepping Sarah Palin aren't material. That Harry Reid uses "inartful language" from time to time isn't news nor are his political policy positions. That Sarah Palin was not a well informed VP candidate is not news. The little gossipy details of either or the other released information regarding others simply aren't worthy of the title journalism. What is truly telling is that the media unrelated to this exercise in gossip has made this crap a part of journalism as they practice it. It makes plenty of sense for the publishers to whang the publicity drum, but not for the media to be played.

I don't give a damn about this book and I certainly won't buy it. Anyone can be made to look stupid by taking their quotes out of context and using them with that agenda. I'd also like to note that the people who talked to these "authors" under their ground rules apparently didn't give much thought to what they were participating in - or did and should be considered in that light. The uses some put this steaming pile to should also tell you something about them, whoever the target is.

(you will note that as fiercely as this site mocks Sarah Palin, nothing appears from this thing)

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