Tuesday, January 12, 2010

If I Were A GOPer Troublemaker

Today, under a fair amount of media pressure Sen Mitch McConnell refused to partake of the Harry Reid bashing other GOPers have indulged in. Mitch was careful in his phrasing, Harry Reid is a matter for the Democratic Caucus. That isn't walking the bullshit back, it is just staying out of it.

If I'm a GOPer; trying to make problems for Democrats is a pretty good idea. The (D)s have the reins of power (sort of) and can be made to pay for that. What I don't want to do (apparently Mitch also) is engage in a gun fight armed with a wet spaghetti noodle. Nobody with two working brain cells thinks the GOP matches the Democrats in race relations. Trying to make that look illusionary involves the GOP in making Trent Lott the equivalent of Harry Reid and going there is really stupid. Take that as a measure of the level of intelligence of the GOP in general.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see another leftard with a double standard. Figure it out, Lott's comment wasn't about race but state's rights. Reid's words are purely racist, and most leftards think this way.

Chuck Butcher said...

You can cure ignorant, but you can't cure stupid.

Lott's "states' rights" was all about segregation and we had that one out in 1865. I am more than happy to have you stand right on up for the GOP dog whistle racism. Bring another noodle to a gunfight asshole - I notice you're lacking the nerve to wear a name on your stupidity.